The Correspondence of, and to, Charles Hoy Fort

Edited and Annotated by Mr. X

Fort to John T. Reid

September 19, 1924

London, Sept. 19, 1924.

Mr. John T. Reid,

My dear Mr. Reid:

Very glad to hear from you. Now there is one more of us. If we keep on increasing in numbers, there may be something like a general demand for an investigation of the data of this new research.

I have had two books, the latest of which is "New Lands", published by Boni & Liveright, 61 West 48th Street, New York City. I am now gathering material for a new book, but it will be several years before it will appear. In the meantime, now that your attention has been attracted to the subject, you may see, or hear of, something that will be of value, and I should be very glad if you will let me know. But I am an American, doing some research-work in the British Museum Library, and do not expect to be in London more than a few months longer. My permanent address is in care of Boni & Liveright.

I now have one hundred and twenty five records of falls of living things from the sky, usually in enormous numbers, not one such arrival ever having been traced to origin upon this earth. If a few little frogs should fall from the sky, one might accept the whirlwind-explanation, but the things have poured down in such enormous invasion that I have to think of migrations from unknown regions in inter-planetary space, obviously not millions of miles away. If you should like to write to observers of such phenomena, several of them are Mr. A.B. Roberts, Windham, Conn.; Mr. R.H. Tingley, Port Chester, N.Y.; Mrs. E.S. Marvin, 1646 E. 15th Street, Sheepshead Bay; Judge C.B. Montgomery, Oneco, Conn.

[Signature: Charles Fort]

39 Marchmont Street,
Russell Square,
London, England.

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