The Correspondence of, and to, Charles Hoy Fort

Edited and Annotated by Mr. X

Fort to John T. Reid

August 5, 1926

London, Aug. 5, 1926.

Mr. John T. Reid,

Dear Mr. Reid:

Thank you for the clipping, which is doubly interesting, because of the reported fall of sulphur with living things. It is always a story of a waterspout or a whirlwind, and never a definite statement that a waterspout was seen, or a whirlwind traced.

I sent the manuscript of a new book to Messrs. Boni & Liveright, but you know what the slowness of publishers is. It will take them about eight months to decide, and then some more time after that.



(C/o American Express Co,
6 Haymarket, S.W.,
London, England.

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