The Correspondence of, and to, Charles Hoy Fort

Edited and Annotated by Mr. X

Fort to John T. Reid

October 11, 1926

London, Oct. 11, 1926.

Mr. John T. Reid,
Lovelock, Nevada.

Dear Mr. Reid:

The account that was sent to me by Mr. Stoker is very interesting, and I am glad to have it. In the "New York Herald-Tribune", August 13th, was published a dispatch from Princeton, N.J., telling of observations by members of the Princeton University summer school of geology. In the Arizona Desert, 100 miles from any permanent body of water, countless frogs were seen, immediately after a thunderstorm.

I have received clippings telling of six showers of living things, in different parts of the United States, last summer. This numerousness is not exceptional, but it certainly does make it hard for the whirlwind-explanation, because I have not heard of one fall, in this period, of dust, or pebbles, or leaves, such things as a whirlwind would be more likely to carry, than frogs and fishes.



c/o Amer. Express Co.
6 Haymarket, S.W., London.

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