The Correspondence of, and to, Charles Hoy Fort

Edited and Annotated by Mr. X

Fort to T.P.'s Weekly

(Published June 6, 1925)

"Explorers from other Worlds?"


There are recorded indications that this earth has, from time to time, been visited by explorers from other worlds. In Nature (May 25, 1893) is published an account by Captain Charles J. Norcock, of the H.M.S. Caroline, of a fleet of lights in the sky, which he saw, upon the night of February 24, 1893, between Shanghai and Japan. These luminous objects, if not lights upon several vessels from some other world, moved, sometimes in a massed formation, and sometimes in an irregular line. Anything of a meteoric nature is excluded, because the duration was two hours. The next night these appearances were observed again, moving as if exploring, for seven hours and a-half.

Upon July 2, 1907, according to an account by Bishop John S. Michaud, published in the Monthly Weather Review (Washington), 1907, page 310, a "torpedo-shaped body" appeared in the sky, over the city of Burlington, Vermont. For a while it was stationary, and then it slowly moved away. "Tongues of fire" issued from the object. There was a terrific explosion. Because conditions were stormy at the time, an attempt was made to explain the explosion and something that was seen to fall in terms of "ball-lightning," but the account is of a vessel which appeared, seemed to fire a projectile, and sailed away. There was no known airship of this earth that could have appeared in Vermont in July, 1907.—


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